Admin: Introduction to USocketNet, a self host Realtime Multiplayer Server.

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    As our website is getting prepared for all the upcoming website features, we are also putting USocketNet as one of our important projects. What can you expect on USocketNet? We just decided that we as we move into Google infrastructure, we will host a public server, where anyone can grab FREE client plugin or package for unity to connect to that server, YET you need to register to our website to receive your access key.

    In this public server, you will be able to:

    • Connect to the server using your access key. That access key will be unique and identifier on the server that all connection using that access key will be contained in one node.
    • With your client is connected, the client can message publicly to all clients connected and they can also private message a client if the developer implemented getting all user connected.
    • The client can auto find a channel, create a channel, or even join a channel. Please do take note that the client subscribed to a channel will not have the capability to the received message but the private message can.
    • We have lots more to share about this project, stay tuned for more. Consider subscribing to our website or youtube channel to received notifications. Also, consider making an account for other FREE stuff.

    Disclaimer: Even if we initiate 4 instances of USocketNet to be balanced, as traffic goes high, we will not be liable for any disruption of connection using the public server of USocketNet. If you want your it to be stable, we advise you to buy the server and client on our assets store and use, shared Linux server for only $5 per month in Google cloud.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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