NodeJS: Installing on the Linux server environment.

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    There are few ways to install the NodeJS framework but let’s go with the most common and safest way. First is to setup up your target setup package.

    curl -sL | sudo bash -

    Then you can just execute the following command to install NodeJS and NPM. Yes, with this method you will install both NodeJS and NPM which is required to be able for NodeJS to install packages for your app.

    sudo apt install nodejs

    Now that the said packages had been installed, meaning the long pooling text which is at least 10 lines less. You can now check if correctly install just by making a query of the versions installed. To check if node and npm installed, use this 2 codes.

    node --version
    npm --version

    Now, all things set you can now install all other packages that you will be using. See, Server Admin: Basic Manual for Performance and Security forum for more server administration and NodeJS: From Zero to Hero Manual and Guides for tips and tricks on NodeJS framework.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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