100% FREE Website Hosting Solution with CPanel

100% FREE Website Hosting Solution with CPanel


Since 2010, I had been searching for a free website hosting that I can use to show my digital works. Because as of that time, I'm really into video editing with Adobe after effect because of Andrew Kramer, a well-known Ae master. Then destiny introduced me to webs.com which offer a wide variety of Drag & Drop widgets like pictures, sounds, videos, etc. But it had no custom HTML widget which sadly really need for me to start playing with programming. I love webs.com because, having a "webs.com" as my primary domain host, it's easy to memorize. I have this www.cychoz.webs.com for my "Cychoz Website" imaginary company. As you can see on the member tab, I almost had a 100 member which is boost by my videos posted on Youtube which reached 5M.

It was great to start on web development yet it lacks the freedom of building or customizing your website. Moving on, I was forced to used blogspot.com then wordpress.com and etc, yet it cost me a lot of patience to wait and wait to gather more traffic to allow me to display advertisement from "Google Adsense" or even persuading me to buy their "DOMAIN - a personalize website address like www.example.com" instead having "www.example.free.com". If you are not aware of how Google Adsense works, I'll try to have a concrete explanation. You can earn money from the allowing Google Adsense to display advertisement "as what you see HERE on my new website" which is paid by the advertisers according to the viewer's behavior. Did the viewers click the ads or the viewers is just exposed to the advertisement and etc? It doesn't really matter as long as the advertisement is showing. But it does affect how much you will earn from the traffic that you get from your website.

Getting Started

Once again I tried to search for a better FREE web hosting, hoping that I will find one that is not selfish and does think of its member. Then I found  weebly.com which give me the capability to just DRAG & DROP Adsense plug-in and wait for 5 days to get my website online for advertisements! Well, I will be honest here, you will also need to establish your blog to be approved by Google Adsense. You need to create at least less than ten(10) blogs without any community guideline violation. Know more on community guidelines on the official website of Google Adsense. Yeah! there's no such thing as an overnight success!

After some time, as WordPress.com is getting popular. And for almost 3 years, I've been into programming using Unity game engine which really established my career in programming. Starting from unity's javascript then to Csharp. Because I want to explore how computer client and server communicate with each other. I did somehow research about it and bump me into a programming language called PHP which is used to communicate with the database language which is SQL. Now, why do I told you those things? Aside from Web hosting, you must also consider what website framework to used. It may take some time to build a website from the ground up. Yes, it can be easy using the said web hosting with their Web Builder, yet I want a framework that is not enclosed by its core. What I mean is that what if I really need to add more features to the website. So, found that you can develop a plugin for your website in accordance to your needs. That what I need!


So, the main content of this post and hopefully your not angry telling my history towards finding the best web hosting provider. We have the target framework for our website which enables us to fully control our website, which is WordPress. What we need to do now is to make some personalized features that we want. Now, I did the search again! Bump up with 000Webhost.com, which offers incredibly free with reasonable limitation. But, still, I want more. In the banner of this website, says that this website is hosted by Hostinger to a student for educational purposes. So, I did visit the website of hostinger.com, and after I signed up, my eyes watered like never before. It has so many options and the monthly rent for SHARED HOSTING is very cheap!

Actually, even if I can use the FREE version which is also the same as the PREMIUM one, yet with unlimited functionalities. Hey! $0.80 a month with CPanel, Email, Git, etc. What can you ask for!? To avail DISCOUNTS, click the image below:

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